Screengrabs from video shared by IFS officer Susanta Nanda.

Monkey wears cloth as mask with full swag in viral video

A video of a monkey wearing a cloth as a mask has gone viral on Twitter.

Women protest against lockdown. Photo: Reuters

Brides-to-be arrange flash mob in Rome to protest against lockdown

Video of Italian women protesting on the streets of Rome against the lockdown has gone viral.

This photo taken by a camera trap shows a group of Cross River gorillas in the Mbe Mountains of Nigeria on Monday. (Photo: AP)

Rare gorillas in Nigeria captured on camera with babies

Experts don't know how many Cross River gorillas remain in the mountain cluster and have been trying to track the subspecies for some time.

Internet remembers Hogwarts after owl drops phone on terrace

A tweet about an owl dropping a phone secured by a cover on a person's terrace has gone viral.

Muslim woman sues Starbucks for writing ISIS on her cup

A Muslim woman has sued Starbucks after the barista wrote ISIS on her cup instead of her name.

Man does mid-air flip on bicycle, lands on building. Watch

A video of a man performing a never-seen-before stunt has gone viral on Twitter.

Watch: Man saves baby eagle from drowning in lake in British Columbia

A man saved a baby eagle from drowning in a lake in British Columbia. The video has gone viral on social media.

Bolivia's first transgender news anchor puts LGBTQ issues front and center

26-year-old Leonie Dorado has become Bolivia's first transgender news anchor amid the outbreak of novel coronavirus disease.

Harsh Goenka's Corona Innovation video leaves Twitter impressed

Harsh Goenka recently shared a video of a brilliant Corona Innovation on Twitter and it has gone viral.

Former Miss Colombia dances in full spirit weeks after having her leg amputated

Weeks after she had to get her leg amputated, former Miss Colombia Daniella Alvarez danced with her brother in full spirit.

Orphaned elephant plays big brother to calf saved by rescuers

The story of two orphaned elephants has gone viral on the Internet.

Just one concert held at Baalbek's ancient ruins this year as message of hope

On a stage in the ancient temple of Bacchus, Harout Fazlian conducted the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra and three choirs in an hour-long concert.


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