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Deep Dive: Decoding Bengal's 'Blood Politics'

A deep dive into the geneses of endemic political violence in West Bengal.

How an archaeological site in Kashmir stands vandalised today

Some 16 kms northeast of Srinagar is a village called Burzahom, which is of archaeological importance, for its remains indicate the cultural sequence of human habitation from 3000 BCE to 1000 BCE.

Five reasons why Trump is clinging to the Presidency

Here are the five reasons why Donald Trump is clinging to the Presidency despite his loss to Joe Biden in the US election?

China unveils latest deep submergence rescue vessel

The India Today OSINT Team takes a closer look at Chinese PLAN efforts at development of DSRVs through open-source satellite imagery from Google Earth.

Will Maharashtra feel the Bihar effect??

The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance's stunning victory has come as a shot in the arm for Devendra Fadnavis, the man in charge of the BJP's Bihar battleplan. The former Maharashtra chief minister, however, told India Today that national politics in not on the radar; Mumbai is his destination in near future. ?

Will Chirag Paswan remain part of NDA after hurting Nitish Kumar in Bihar??

Chirag Paswan's future in the NDA is at stake as the alliance prepares to form government in Bihar. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said it is for the BJP to take a call on Chirag Paswan after what he did in Bihar election.

Right, Left and Owaisi shine in Bihar election results

There are certain interesting patterns in the the Bihar election results. Parties with strong ideological appeal have fared better than others. The BJP, the Left parties and AIMIM of Asaduddin Owaisi have emerged as top gainers.

Asaduddin Owaisi’s ‘vote-cutter’ AIMIM sends jitters in Bengal after Bihar show

After BJP’s victory in Bihar, the focus has shifted to Bengal where the election is due next year. Buoyed by the success in Bihar, AIMIM’s Asaduddin Owaisi announced that his party will contest election in West Bengal next. With AIMIM fast gaining ground, cautious TMC and Congress have accused Owaisi of being a proxy for the BJP.

Not votes in election but top lawyers in courts, what Congress offers allies | Opinion

The Congress' ability to win seats has diminished nationally and even in states. But what is it that still makes it a valuable ally for regional parties? Why do they agree to give it far too many seats than it can practically win?

Bihar election results: Nitish Kumar to be CM but for how long?

Twice in the past, Nitish Kumar had become Bihar chief minister while his party emerged a junior partner in the ruling coalition. Last time, it happened in 2015. Less than two years later, Nitish Kumar quit the alliance.

Bihar election results: NDA dominates bellwether seats, RJD wins reverse bellwether

There are nearly half a dozen seats in Bihar that are bellwether seats. And, there are also at least a couple of reverse bellwether seats in the state.?

Biden's China policy and its impact on India-US relations

What happens to China under a Biden administration? And how will that impact India?


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