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Covid effect: DTC buses in Delhi to give e-tickets

State government has given the job to Indraprastha Institute of Information and Technology (IIIT) to develop an API, based on digital payments

Air Force fighter aircraft help troops with night operations at LAC

Air Force’s Sukhoi, Mig-29, Chinook & Apache attack helicopters help troops with night operations at the Line of Actual Control.

Cyber cons, fake E-tailers run amok in Delhi-NCR during lockdown

From home delivery of liquor to government jobs, cyber frauds exploit Covid-19 curbs, economic crisis with sham websites & online offers.

Self-motivated candidates are easy to spot

We lines up some of the country’s top hiring executives and find out what they look for while selecting a candidate for a corporate role

College vs Course?

Experts from Delhi University help you make an informed decision in admission season

Delhi: Helpline numbers for city’s Covid hospitals

Any person who wants to reach out to hospitals with Covid-19 related information can now dial these numbers directly from the ‘Delhi Corona App’

Coronavirus: Doctor clears air on vaccine deadline

Nobody knows where the trial of coronavirus vaccine might lead to, says the doctor who published an article in Government of India’s official communication website.

India-China stand-off takes sheen off Surat diamond biz

Surat cut diamond has 40% demand in the US, 38% Hong Kong, 4% China and 18% European countries. The world’s largest diamond cutting and polishing industries in Surat face major impact first due to Covid-19

Three new bridges built near Leh to allow troops movement

in a record time of three months, the Border Roads Organisation has replaced a bailey bridge which could only be used for 24 tonnes vehicles with the new one which can be used by vehicles up to 70 tonnes.

Disengagement at LAC: What caused China to pull back in Ladakh

A 2-hour phone call between Ajit Doval & Chinese Foreign Minister plays a crucial role in PLA finally removing tents and shifting from Galwan clash site, vehicles move back in other areas too.

For a good night's sleep

The lockdown has thrown our shut-eye time out of sync with the circadian rhythm that can have both short-term as well as long-term consequences

Coronavirus: Random testing begins in Noida

The issue of aggressive testing was raised by residents after a spike in Covid-19 cases was witnessed in the city.


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