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A study in heritage

After the Covid lockdown, visit these off-beat monuments for a slice of culture

Time to relish chai, pakoras and a monsoon platter

While the Coronavirus pandemic might have dampened the spirit of the rains this year, it hasn’t stopped people from feasting on delicious food while it pours.

Standing up against being labelled

Actor Vidya Balan refused to allow body shaming or criticism hamper her evolution

A musical journal, for a cause

For musician?Ronojoy Sircar, his latest EP Waiting Time is a personal documentation archived in both Mumbai and Delhi between November 2018 and August 2019.

No one should assume that you are a 'Goner'

In her?blistering new debut, Goner, Tazmeen Amna draws an uncompromising picture of depression, which forces the reader to ask themselves difficult questions.

Found in translation

Author PerumalMurugan on the growing stature of regional languages and the consequences of urbanisation

When Covid leads to aggression

A Delhi-based non-profit is helping victims of domestic violence during the lockdown

A Suitable Girl

The show Indian Matchmaking has evoked extreme reactions from the audience. Mail Today looks at how contemporary society perceives the convention of arranged marriages

Cheats make hay amid pandemic

As per the data, post lock down nearly 10,000 cyber complaints were filed, out of them 60% are elated to financial frauds.

Gamers in Delhi easy prey for cyber con

If you are glued to online mobile gaming during coronavirus curbs, beware! Cybercriminals are now looking for targets on popular platforms and duping addicts with promises of gaming points, coins or virtual currency that players need to customise their gaming avatars.

Moving forward through art

The art exhibition, 'Unmask Your Mind', can be viewed till Sunday evening

A concert and singer worth remembering

Even in the times of Covid, Harshdeep Kaur is in demand for the various digital concerts. Last night, she had performed in the HCL Soundscape Concert.