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Why Netflix's ‘Homemade’ is unique | India Today Insight

Filmmakers from across the world present short?films which give an inkling of the strange times we are living in

Confused governments, worried students | India Today Insight

The UGC has asked all universities to conduct final exams by September 30. Some states have already cancelled these exams. What now??

Kerala’s empty shrines | India Today Insight

Why people are still shy of going to places of worship in God’s Own Country

Picture of the day | India Today Insight

Top photo selected by our group photo editor

Why a proposed Kuwait law puts 800,000 Indians in quandary | India Today Insight

The move to correct workforce imbalance may turn the tide against Indians in the country

The rise and fall of Vikas Dubey | India Today Insight

How the dreaded Uttar Pradesh gangster continually exploited legal loopholes and entrenched systems of political patronage to get away with murder

Shekhar Suman's fight to get justice for Sushant Singh Rajput | India Today Insight

Suman says it’s time to stand up to the ‘Bollywood cartel’, denies plans to join politics

Picture of the day | India Today Insight

Top photo selected by our group photo editor

Skin in the game: How salons are adapting to a new normal | India Today Insight

The salon experience will never quite be the same again

Indian students will be hit hard by new US visa rules | India Today Insight

The US customs agency has asked students who are taking online classes to leave the country

Gold-smuggling scam trips up Pinarayi government | India Today Insight

The Kerala CM draws flak over his aide’s ties to the alleged mastermind of a gold-smuggling ring


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