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Fact Check: Are people wearing masks not getting enough oxygen?

The video shows a man using an air quality monitoring machine to measure oxygen intake levels before and after wearing a mask.

Fact Check: Old video of military train linked to present Indo-China conflict

A post going viral on social media claims that a moving train loaded with military equipment is en route to the Indo-China border amid rising tensions between the two nations.

Fact Check: US cartoonist Ben Garrison did not make this caricature on Indian media

A viral post claims that a caricature depicting PM Modi as a pig was created by American cartoonist Ben Garrison and it depicts the state of Indian media. India Today's AFWA finds the truth.

Fact Check: Is this Bharat Biotech VP taking the first dose of anti-Covid drug ‘Covaxin’?

A picture has gone viral on social media which shows Dr VK Srinivas, vice president of Bharat Biotech, taking the first dose of coronavirus vaccine “Covaxin” developed by his team, as part of human trial.

Fact Check: Did Kangana release Sridevi's autopsy report with sensational details?

A viral social media post claims that Kangana has released late actor Sridevi's autopsy report with several sensational details. The purported autopsy report says she was "clearly forcefully fed" cocaine and whiskey, had three injuries, and it was "not a natural death".

Fact Check: Did Nostradamus predict the coronavirus pandemic in 16th century?

A viral post on social media claims 16th century French astrologer Nostradamus predicted the coronavirus pandemic. Several Facebook users have attributed a quote to Nostradamus and claimed it was mentioned in his book Les Prophéties (The Prophecies).

Fact Check: Have Budweiser employees been pissing in their beer tanks?

A viral screenshot is claiming about the beer brand 'Budweiser that several Budweiser employees have been urinating into the beer tanks for years.

Fact Check: Was this huge protest in Nepal against Oli govt’s pro-China stance?

On Facebook, several users have posted the 35-second clip – a top shot of a large number of people marching on the streets.

Fact Check: Truth behind Telugu being declared second-best script in the world

An image containing a list of Telugu alphabets is doing the rounds on social media with the claim that Telugu has been voted as the second-best script in the world by the International Alphabet Association.

Fact Check: Who's this man wrapped in a Pakistani flag and standing on the Tricolour?

A picture of a man wrapped in a Pakistani flag, wearing sunglasses and holding a gun while standing on the Tricolour, is going viral on social media with the claim that he is from Kolkata.


Is this how Chinese troops tortured Indian soldiers?

A 10-second video clip showing some soldiers lying on the ground with their hands, necks and legs tied together is being shared as Indian soldiers being humiliated by the Chinese Army in Galwan Valley, Ladakh. We tell you the truth behind this viral video.

Fact Check: US choppers over Arizona lake passed off as IAF Apaches over Pangong Tso

The choppers seen in the viral video are not of IAF and they are not patrolling over Pangong Tso.


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